Mark Wilson Composer
Friday was another day of panels and great food. That evening we were all bussed over to the home of the founder of the Door Post Film Project for a “under the tent” dinner.  Inside a DJ was set up to provide Karaoke and several folks got up to sing. I had lost my voice so i did not want to even try. However “the dude came up to me and stated that I was going to sing a song with him and some other guys. So we ended up doing “Soul Man”. Bradley and David did some good hip hop tunes aided with some beer in hand. The buses cam to take us back to the hotel and the rest of my “posse” went out on the town for Nashville nightlife, and I  and Eric returned to his home. He needed to let his dog out for a potty break and he was tired as well. We visited for some time about magic and music and then we both headed for some well needed sleep.
Currently at The Doorpost Film Project Awards Ceremony