Mark Wilson Composer
The driving Day. All day in the car with only about three stops. We left about 9:30 am Wednesday Morning on our road trip to Nashville. Myself and friend David Ward rolled in from Austin around 10:30 pm, quite tired from our ten hour drive.
Day One - Wednesday

After visiting with a variety of filmmakers for several hours David and I made our way through the pouring rain to his car and then back into another altercation with his GPS unit which would eventually lead up to his buddy’s apartment (a great musician) where we spent some time in the parking lot waiting for him to get off work from his bar-tending job at 2 am. David had not seen his friend for about two years.  After he finally arrived we spent an hour visiting with him before finally getting to sleep around 3:30 am. My sleeping accommodations consisted of a floor but I had brought along an air mattress and sleeping bag and an electric pump to air up the mattress. I plugged in the pump and turning it on and started airing up the mattress.  As it began to fill up something inside the pump shattered and I heard a terrible noise as small pieces of something flung around inside the unit. I switched it off and then after playing with it I tried it again I was amazed to find out that it still works. I tossed it aside and climbed into bed.  As I drifted off to sleep I was just starting to realize my throat was getting very hoarse.
We quickly found our team sitting on some couches at the back of the room enjoying frothy beverages. (I will forthwith refer to my team members as “my posse”. I made my way around the room introducing myself to the other filmmakers (and there posses) and even met another group of filmmakers who were wrapping shooting on a Gretchen Wilson documentary. I looked across the room and saw a gentleman with a cigarette in his hand and realized to myself. An actor! From the film “Smoke”. (One of my favorite characters from all of the films in the contest.
After some quick phone calls we found were our team members were and every other team who had arrived from their respective destinations as well. After several minutes of playing with David’s GPS system, we finally pulled up to The Flying Saucer where the waitresses wear kilts for some strange reason........and there we found a  room of many film makers all of who were either finalist winners of Doorpost Film Project members.