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Posted August 2011
I Will be driving to the Rio Grande Valley to conduct a workshop and appear as a panelist at “Cine Sol” a 17 year old independent film festival taking place in Harlingen Texas.  (I spent a great part of my youth and adult life as a resident of Harlingen.  I wnet to high school there and returned again after high school for about three years.) It should be great fun and I am looking forward to meeting all sorts of film makers and film enthusiasts.
My Workshop information follows.
The Secrets Behind the Magic of Creating Music for Film
A filmmaker and composers workshop presented by: Mark Connelly Wilson
Film-making is a collaborative process, and the magical process of combining picture with music can transform the emotions of an audience, and heighten the power of visual storytelling. In a perfect world, every film can and should have the opportunity to realize the benefits of custom music.  
Fortunately, the increased availability of affordable technology combined with the growth of the web has facilitated a rise in the number of short films and videos needed and being produced.  This combined with the increased capabilities of the desktop musician means more opportunities for filmmakers and composers to collaborate and realize this vision.
Filmmakers and Composers alike will benefit from this workshop which will focus on the how and why of adding custom music to a production while learning the secrets behind common techniques composers employ  to create music, while common misconceptions about working with a composer are revealed, and the process of music scoring is demystified.  
Participants will have the opportunity to find out the best way to maximize the experience for both film-makers and composers, while avoiding common mistakes.
Composer, video producer, editor, actor, and magician Mark Connelly Wilson will demonstrate music production software, and share film clips and stories from on and off set as he reveals secrets of the composers craft  for both the creative and technical process of creating music for multimedia, television, and film.
Film Scoring Workshop at “Cine Sol” Film Festival - September 10


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